Do you need to understand processes, advantages and design possibilities of Additive Manufacturing ?

Our courses help you to familiarize yourself with this revolutionary technology.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is transforming the way of production because it allows you to: create objects with new geometries, reduce production time and inventory, on-site production by reorganizing logistics, etc.. With this technology the success factors are not just economies of scale but rather agility.

In essence, it is a new work organization and Additive Manufacturing is versatile because it includes a variety of processes, materials and applications in constant development, so it becomes essential to seize the opportunities of this innovative way of thinking, designing and producing.

NAMS offers a progressive and phased training path at various levels to help facing future challenges. The courses are held by specialists with many years of experience at international level.

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The training actions are aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, technicians.


We can also set up custom courses.

  1. General introduction
  2. Features of AM systems
  3. Security
  4. Materials for AM – metal alloys and plastics
  5. Design for AM
  6. Data preparation
  7. Post processing
  8. Fault Analysis
  9. Standardisation and qualification (Metrology)